Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back to the Brushes 102

This week will see a lot of 15mm Sci-Fi Figures getting painted and completed in a last rush towards the end of the Analogue Painting challenge. This will include Dropship Troopers from Critical Mass and variety of Ground Zero Games New Israeli Infantry to add to those already painted. Below is a quick snap of the Augmented troopers from Critical Mass that will also be a part of this weeks painting.

The dark grey undercoat will help in the base coating of these figures as their armour will be tank grey in colour. There are troopers with both laser and plasma cannons here, four stands of each so these will be heavy hitting troops and a link between infantry and the armour for this force.

If time allows there are also a couple of pre-slotta Chaos Warriors and Uruk-hai that will see a bit of painting time.

The Curtgeld figure will also be making an appearance this week to.

Cheers for now

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