Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Back to the Brushes 302

In amongst everything else that is currently on the painting table, there is a little side project based on a tip seen on Benji's Hobbies There are several but for this side project it's the painting for 20 minutes a day that is being used. 

The following pictures are progressives on this unit of Germanic Tribes from Gripping Beast each session lasting not more than 20 minutes. 

20 Minutes

Base layer of the flesh tone in Foundry Flesh A

40 Minutes

Flesh mid tone and highlight added and the start of hair colourings. The flesh is Foundry Flesh B & C, the hair Foundry Ducky Flesh C

60 Minutes

More hair added with Black, Foundry Peat Brown C, Foundry Dark Leather B and Foundry Conker Brown C. All washed with Army painter strong and soft tones.  

80 Minutes

Start of the tunics with two painted in Foundry Ochre A and two in Foundry Madder Red A. The other four have now also been painted; two with Rakarth Flesh and two in Foundry Canvas A.

It's an interesting process and allows the progression to be followed easily as well as keeping the motivation for the project going well by doing a little often. 

Hope you found this interesting and stay safe. 

Cheers for now

Monday, 22 February 2021

Back to the Brushes 301

This month has flown in and work has taken its toil on hobby time. However, the paint still flows and projects are moving forward however slowly that may be. 

Below is the footprint of an Alexandrian Macedonian army in DBA/ADLG for 28mm figures. The bases are double depth for DBA and over the coming weeks some of these will turn into finished stands of figures. The bases are all from Warbases. 

This idea has been acquired from the talented Yarkshire Gamer Blog whose work in this year's AHPC XI has been inspirational. Permission was asked and approved to use this idea here and all credit for it goes to Ken for the idea. 

A similar picture for 15mm Spartans in DBA will also be here soon and this time it will be much closer to the finish line. 

Work in progress pictures to follow along with the start of this year's Challenge entries as the countdown begins to March 21 and Challenge's End. 

Stay safe

Cheers for now

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Back to the Brushes 300

With the Prodromoi cavalry units now waiting on basing it's time to move on to the main cavalry unit of the army; the Companions. 

The elite cavalry arm of the Macedonian army under Alexander the Great, the Companions were the hammer to the phalanx's anvil. Have a look at brief overview of the Companions and other cavalry units 

The above figure is the test figure for this unit and the grey for the tunic isn't the best. The cuirass which is hard to see here is a bronze muscled cuirass to waist with pteruges.  

The flesh tone needs a bit of tidying up and reworking to soften the contrast between highlight and shade tones so its more like that of the skirmishers below. These will be used for the Agrianrian skirmishers and have been opted for to avoid looking similar to peltasts. 

A similar test figure for the Thessalian cavalry is also on the go at present.

Stay safe and interested

Cheers for now 


Monday, 1 February 2021

Back to the Brushes 299

In the need to get some points on the board for the AHPC XI, sometime is needing to be spent on this ramshackle collection of partially painted miniatures. 

With Spartans from Xyston, Macedonians from Foundry, Caesarian Romans from Warlord and Crusaders from Gripping Beast there is a good range of choices of things to be getting on with. 

Hoping to finish working on a fair number of these this week. 

Stay safe and keep painting

Cheers for now