Friday, 29 August 2014

Back to the Brushes 92

The return of the Black Shields with another three pre-slotta orcs being worked on at present. These like the Moorish Spearmen have been languishing around the corner of the painting table since the beginning of this year.

Time to move them on to the ranks of the finished miniatures!

Cheers for now.

Fury of the North 11

Over the last few nights the following Hirdmen have been completed for SAGA. The figures are all from Gripping Beast and this is the fifth point in a six point warband. Hope that you like the pictures.

Three of the shields have Little Big Men transfers on and one is hand painted. The matching helm is a give away for the hand painted shield.

The last figure shown below will also be a banner man for the warband as well as a group figure in the bondi group currently being painted.

The figure is again from Gripping Beast and the banner and shield images are both from Little Big Men.

All of the figures shown will be sabot based for use in Impetus as well.

You may have noticed that each picture now has the name of this blog in the top left corner. This is something that has been pondered over for sometime and has finally been done due to sharing of pictures on The Miniatures Page. At least now the name will be shared too.

Will be back soon with some more work in progress pictures.

Cheers for now

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to the Brushes 91

Some figures just seem to be on the painting table for ages with nothing happening to them. The following ten Moorish Spearmen are in this bill.

Very little has changed with these over this month, however, this is about to change. The robes are now completed and only the head-dresses, sashes, footware and weapons still are still to be painted. A good painting session this evening should see these all well on their way to completion; making way for another batch of ten Moorish spearmen.

There will be some more pictures to follow shortly with a bit more variety to boot.

Cheers for now.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back to the Brushes 90

This post sees the three hundredth post for the blog and shows some work in progress on two very different Dark Age armies. First up is a Viking standard bearer for SAGA who will also double up in a sabot base for Impetus.

The figure is from Gripping Beast and has been easy to paint. The stance lending itself to bold colours to draw the eye to the standard when applied.

Next is a work in progress picture of the next ten Moor spearmen. The plan here has been to paint varying different colours of robes to mix in with the previously painted figures. The head dress will be common throughout creating a sense of unity in the completed stands.

Painting from a white undercoat on these figures it has been helpful to wash the figures with Agrax Earthshade to knock the white back a bit. This also provides a bit of dark lining that would normally come from the black undercoat. The faces and eyes however, need a bit more work before the figures will be completed.

More to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Origins and beginnings

Today, thirty-nine years ago at the tender age of five, the first purchase of "toy soldiers" was made.

These along with one brush and four pots of Humbrol enamels started a journey that is still ongoing today.

The subject matter may have changed over the years as has the medium but the process is much the same. Look over the packaging, check the contents, decide what you like best and then buy. From memory most of this set of figures was painted - sadly none have survived the years. None especially well, then I was only five year old and hadn't yet developed any of the patience required to achieve better results. Still waiting on that coming :)

Well, that is enough reminiscing for one day. However, before this post finishes here is a question for you all - when and what started you all in the hobby of painting toy soldiers?

Cheers for now