Friday, 16 October 2015

Back to the Brushes 103

Trying to sort out the painting table this weekend - have both Friday and Monday added to the rest days this weekend - with the aim to be able to return to painting throughout the winter months.

So here is the starting point:

As you can see this has been taken from above to show the full effect of not having any hobby time over the last six months. The idea is to completely tidy the table to bare wood and then move to the fixed table in the study. This will mean less painting time but it will be in a fixed location and hopefully this will allow some time to be spent with some brushwork. Hopefully...

The next picture is one of three stands of Arab/Moor infantry that are waiting on their bases being completed. They are all at the same point and have been at this stage since mid 2014.

They need a good brushing down as they are very dusty but again hopefully these will progress over the next few days. Its time they moved on to prevent any damage being done.

Will attempt to have more regular posting as well in the coming months

Cheers for now