Monday, 31 October 2016

C Beams Glitter in the Dark 2

Plasma cannons for ARC forces in Critical Mass - figures from Ground Zero Games.

These where undercoated for last year's Analogue Painting Challenge and have only recently been completed.

Most likely, this year's challenge will see more 15mm Sci Fi figures getting some paint layered on. Still have the recon troopers and mecha walkers from Critical Mass as well as a militia platoon from Ground Zero Games to complete before moving on to the last of the grave tanks. Will see what turns the eye nearer to the time before making any final decisions.

A couple of more stands from this force will be with you soon.

Cheers for now

Thursday, 27 October 2016

With a Rebel Yell 8

A loose couple of figures have been rebased here for use with artillery in whichever ACW game being played.

Cheers for now

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Back to the Brushes 114

A few work in progress pictures from the new fantasy warband and a few loose Normans that are being painted as the Battle of Hasting happened 950 years ago this month.

First, a view of the rear of an old Ral Partha cleric which the first layers of the primary colour of the tabard has been painted. Have opted for Foundry ochre and both the A shade and B mid tone have been used here.

Sometimes the fact that the camera never lies can help as it has shown either a flaw in the casting or air bubbles in the undercoat that haven't been noticed. At this stage will most likely just leave them as is as material is prone to wearing and this could be the start of it. When adding the other layers might add some light grey in to the mid tone here and there to "age" the tabard a bit to reflect its age.

Below are the first four of eight Normans from Foundry. Have to say these figures are so easy to paint and considering their age the sculpts are still as crisp as ever. Slightly smaller than some of their contemporaries though.

There is already one of them waiting on basing which at this stage will be for skirmish gaming such as Saga or Lion Rampant although that may change with the release of Basic Impetus in the coming months.

Cheers for now

Back to the Brushes 113

Some WIP pictures of the basing progress for four stands of plasma cannons for Critical Mass. Figures from Ground Zero Games.

Texture added with  B & Q flexible filler
and another one fully textured
Base coat of Citadel Steel Legion Drab added
Dry brushed with Citadel Kommando Khaki
Final dry brush with Vallejo Iraqi Sand
 All four bases are fully based and flocked now waiting on final pictures to be taken.

Next up some fantasy and Dark Ages figures.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Back to the Brushes 112

The start of a new fantasy warband based around clerics and paladin types. Figures from Citadel, Ral Partha, Reaper and Mirliton.

Ral Partha
Hoping to use these figures to show a bit of the painting style used. This will include painting flesh, fabric and metal, three key elements of both fantasy and historical miniatures. This warband will all be fantasy figures for a change.

First up, starting with a black undercoat, the flesh has been blocked in foundry Conker brown B then layered with Foundry Flesh A. The pictures are flooded with natural sun light so you may have difficulty in seeing the layers clearly.

Should point out that the undercoat is Humbrol Matt Black acrylic and is brushed on. Trying to limit the use of aerosols in hobby pursuits as well as everyday life.

Citadel and Mirliton
An old classic from Citadel with a left handed sculpt; they do exist!

The figures are hex based as they will possibly see use in roleplay as well as skirmish games.

The last figure is the long over due Curtgeld for last year's painting challenge. A Foundry figure with some reference below.

Below is an obvious source for the inspiration of the miniature and a good reference for colours. Not sure who the original was by. The differences are clear when both the miniature and the painting are studied at the same time.

More reference and inspiration with a painted version of the same figure below. Again not sure of the painter although they have done the miniature justice.

More to follow shortly.

Cheers for now