Saturday, 29 October 2011

It has arrived...

EI4 that is. On first glance a good product with an interesting range of army lists. The history for each section provides an overview of the period without detailing every move made by the opposing armies. The campaign that is detailed is simple enough to create game play but has enough detail to keep it interesting.

The main list at this time here is the Spartan list, which offers some more variety within the list. Yes its still a hoplite army but there are options with certain units to create a detailed and varied army without over kill. This does open up some more options the list created for Mantinea but this in itself is good, especially with a days gaming in the offing at Cinaed late next month. On the downside a few more bases will have to be painted but the list has provided the motivation to do this and on that subject here a few pictures of the Spartan's as they stand at present:

Hopefully there will be more to follow over the next few weeks before Cinaed on the 20th of November. Also a quick welcome to:

  • Peter Celella

Thanks for joining the brave followers of this blog.

That's all for now.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Breaking the Widow's Wall 2

With just under a month passing by since the last entry there isn't really that much to report. A little painting has been done on both the Vikings and Spartans Allied Phalanx but nothing major. In fact the biggest use of hobby time has been on prepping the figures for the 12th SS Infantry Company for Flames of War. Considering the amount of superglue that has ended up over fingers and hands it is surprising that anything has actually been stuck down or glued in place; still nearly completed before undercoating.

The next few weeks will see a concentrated effort to complete another base of Spartans and some other Ancient Greek Skirmishers to allow for a few different options in the completed army at 300 points. This however, will all depend on the changes to the army list when EI4 arrives. There may be more use for peltasts than skirmishers but time will tell.

Some WIP pictures to follow shortly.

Cheers for no