Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Seasonal greetings to you all, near or far. 

Wishing everyone peace, hope and happiness.

Back to the Brushes 146

Some pictures of the preparation that has been ongoing over the last few weeks for the Painting Challenge

The chaos before and after a dust and tidy up. A solitary elf stands central on the painting table waiting to be finished during the early days of the Challenge.

Below are some of the figures that have been prepped for the challenge and the running list is below

  • 10 28mm Retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel circa 1982-4
  • 8 28mm Ninjas from Dixon Miniatures
  • 48 15mm Skeletons from Alternative Armies
  • 6 28mm Peltasts from Foundry - not shown
  • 36 28mm Trojans from Redoubt
The figures above that show colour rather than undercoat have been re-base coated to fit with the rules of the Challenge.

To finish here is some nostalgia from Marillion

Great song,  not so sure about the flaming suit though Fish..... clearly clothes in the late eighties were worse than I remember.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Back to the Brushes 145

And so it begins, the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII (Ate)

The paint must flow...

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fantasy Heroes 5

Well, not much painting been happening here of late however have managed to rebase, flock and varnish these vicious fellows from Citadel. All of these were painted a while ago and will hazard a guess in the individual pictures. 

Several of these came from the Heroic Fighters of the Known World box set and Vlad and Harald are still to be painted. Not bad considering the box set is now thirty-one years old. You will also notice that many of the head dresses on the helmets have disappeared - looked bloody stupid then and still do now, just an opinion mind you.

Just out of curiosity if anyone has Gladius leave a comment below as it would be good to have the full set head dresses or not. 

Painted circa1986

Painted circa 1988

Painted circa 1998

Painted circa 1993

Painted circa 1995

Painted circa 1996 - first use of inks and washes

Painted cicac 1995 - too heavy with the dry brushing

More to follow soon and the preparing of for the Analogue Painting Challenge VIII has already started, just need to select the figures and wait on the whistle blowing.

Cheers for now