Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fantasy Heroes 5

Well, not much painting been happening here of late however have managed to rebase, flock and varnish these vicious fellows from Citadel. All of these were painted a while ago and will hazard a guess in the individual pictures. 

Several of these came from the Heroic Fighters of the Known World box set and Vlad and Harald are still to be painted. Not bad considering the box set is now thirty-one years old. You will also notice that many of the head dresses on the helmets have disappeared - looked bloody stupid then and still do now, just an opinion mind you.

Just out of curiosity if anyone has Gladius leave a comment below as it would be good to have the full set head dresses or not. 

Painted circa1986

Painted circa 1988

Painted circa 1998

Painted circa 1993

Painted circa 1995

Painted circa 1996 - first use of inks and washes

Painted cicac 1995 - too heavy with the dry brushing

More to follow soon and the preparing of for the Analogue Painting Challenge VIII has already started, just need to select the figures and wait on the whistle blowing.

Cheers for now


Phil said...

Epic! Spectacular poses and excellent job!

Hendrid said...

Some of my favourite mini's there R, a spruce up with the bases always helps with things. Nice.

Dont press the red button said...

I think they look great.
Do you have a link for the figure you need to complete the set, slim chance but I may have it in the mountain.

roma912 said...

Thanks Phil!

roma912 said...

Cheers Henrid, they've been sitting idle way too long.

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Thanks Russ,

Link to box set and images in post text as hyperlink to Heroic Fighters of the Known World or similar.

Would be good if you have it.

Cheers, Ross

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice work young Ross! Look great with the new basing, need to do some priming before the challenge starts!
Best Iain