Patrician Romans - Basic Impetus List

This army has now be completely re-based from single 20 x 20mm bases for WAB to the standard used for Impetus. Although there are more than enough figures to use this army in the full Impetus game it has mostly been used in the Basic Impetus version of the game. The basic list comprises of the following units:

1 x CP - Cataphracts
1 x CL - Hun Mercenaries
1 x CP - Foederati
1 x FP - Legion
1 x FL - Auxilia 
2 x FP - Foederati
2 x S  - either bow or javelin armed skimishers.

Option 1: 

1 x Art - Ballistae or Carroballistae

Option 2:

Change 1 unit of S for an additional unit of CL

Special rules. Impetuous foot charging auxilia and legionaries halve their Impetus Bonus.
If on cart, Roman artillery is considered as a "mounted target", but still benifit -2 minus for shooting vs artillery.

The pictures again are not the best and will have be replaced when time allows. The Illyricani aren't in the  Basic Impetus list but have used as proxy Huns prior to the completion of the Hun bases. They however, can be included in the army from the main lists.

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