Macedonian Armies - Basic Impetus Lists

Below are the two list that will make up the bulk of the Macedonian armies planned for throughout 2011

Nr        Type    Notes
1         CP(*)   Companions
1         CM       Thessalians or other Greeks
1         CL        Prodromoi
2         FP        Phalangites - pikes
1         FL(*)   Hypaspists - pikes
1         FL        Peltasts - javelin
1         S         Cretans - short bow B
1         S         Agrianians - javelin

Change 1 FL + 1 S with
Nr       Type     Notes
1         FP        Hoplites

Nr        Type     Notes
1         CM(*)               
1         FP         Guards - pikes
3         FP         Phalangites - pikes
2         FL         Thorakitai or Peltasts - javelin
2         S          Cretans - short bow B
1         S          javelin

Note. Guards Unit can form a Large Unit with another Phalangite Unit.

The primary army will be the Rise of Macedonia shown at the top with a few extra Phalanx bases painted to allow the morphing to a Later Macedonia army.

The figures will be from both the Foundry Macedonian and Gripping Beast Successor Ranges.

Updates on painting progress and army concept and design will be posted in the future.

So far the following have been painted:

1         CP     Undercoated
1         CM     Undercoated
1         CL      Undercoated  
2         FP      Undercoated
1         FL      Undercoated
1         FL      Undercoated
1         S       Undercoated
1         S       Undercoated

The list will be updated as the army develops and is painted. Green text indicates completed units, Amber for work in progress and red for un-started units. 

The 400 point army list is below:

Command Structure: Good
2 fair Commanders

Command One
1 unit Companions  CP
1 unit Prodromoi     CL
1 unit Paionians      CL
1 unit Agrianians     S
1 unit Cretans         S
1 unit Hyaspists      FL with Long Spear
5 units of Phalanx   FP pikes

Command Two
1 unit Thessalians         CM
1 unit Thessalians         CM (Greek Allied Cavalry)
1 unit Thracian Peltasts FL
3 units Phalanx             FP
1 unit Allied Hoplites      FP  

There may be some subtle changes regarding the deployment of the main phalanx between the 2 commands but this list in the main will be main source for painting to.