Sunday 3 March 2024

Back to the Brushes 385

Continuing to paint these tin cans for the Wars of the Roses retinue that may be for ADLG or may be for Never Mind the Billhooks in 28mm. 

At this point the latter is more likely as a game system however the basing will be on 60mm fronts so not to rule out other games such as DBA, Hail Caesar and ADLG.

In terms of painting, these have been primed with Army Painter Platemail, washed in Nuln Oil and then worked back up with Army Painter Platemail and Shining Silver. 

Planning another session in these shortly with a view to getting some,if not all completed for basing. 

The figures are all from Perry Miniatures and the pair on the rectangular base are plastic the rest are from the metal range. 

Cheers for now.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Back to the Brushes 384

It has been a busy month with a variety other commitments interfering with hobby time. Such is life as the old folks say. 

On the subject of old folks, here are a couple of classic Citadel Hobgoblins from circa 1984.

Using Foundry's Oriental Flesh triad for these Hobgoblins after looking at some classic Japanese artwork for Oni and deciding that brownish reds weren't the colour scheme looked for.

Along side the Hobgoblins are the crew for a canon to be used in Wars of the Roses gaming. The figures are from Perry Miniatures and have their usual detail and excellent sculpting. 

At this stage, haven't decided on retinue colors for them and might go more free flow look to depict a mercenary unit. 

More to follow on these and a few other items shortly. 

Have a good one.

Monday 29 January 2024

Back to the Brushes 383

Made some progress last night on the first Men at Arms for the Lancastrian's in 28mm.

The figure at the back sporting the red and black colours of the Percy retinue has been added to previously painted figure in the colours of Roos. 

 Another man at arms was added to the motley crew below, the new figure again in retinue colours, although memory fails me at present in who's colours they are. 

Have another three figures nearing completion in the sidelines for these two stands; which leaves seven still to do. 

All the figures shown are metals from Perry Miniatures. 

Cheers for now

Friday 26 January 2024

Hannibal antes Portas 4

This is an entirely new scale for me;  2mm something that at one stage I wouldn't have even entertained painting. Well painting isn't entirely the correct phrase, its more like dabbing with colour.

The miniatures are from Irregular Miniatures and were an idea my friend and fellow gamer. His idea was that I paint a Carthaginian and Republican Roman army and pick one, he would supply the figures. 

There are six stands of figures here, four skirmishers and two cavalry, with the furthest away cavalry being started the week before the Challenge so they are not included. All are based on 60mm front and the depths will vary as below: 

Skirmishers: 60 x 15mm
Medium and Heavy Infantry: 60 x 30mm
Cavalry: 60 x 30mm
Elephants: 60 x 40mm

Above the cavalry from the rear and then below from the front. 

These were entered into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge as a Front Desk and New Acquisitions entry (902.2)

Looking forward to posting more work in progress pics and finished entries soon. 

Cheers for now

Thursday 25 January 2024

Sunne in Splendour 6

The first completed figures of 2024 and recent entry into the AHPC XIV. 

Two bases of Scurrours for my growing ADLG Lancastrian force. The figures are from Museum Miniatures and fit in well enough with the bulk of the army that are from Gladiator Miniatures. 

The red in the pictures isn't that far away from the red on the miniatures and now realising that it is a step too far and into the realms of garishly bright. It will help me remember that they are on the gaming table in ADLG and other games. 

The red and dark grey (Black) are to represent the colours of the Percy's; although in the Wars of the Roses fiction that I am currently reading, the Percy's are described as wearing blue and yellow, not red and black. I am not a scholar of this period so any thoughts or info on this would be appreciated. 

These were entered into the AHPC XIV as a Historical entry (941.2)  
Looking forward to posting more from this period sooner rather than later. 

Cheers for now

Monday 15 January 2024

Back to the Brushes 381

The first completed figures for 2024 will be coming shortly after appearing in AHPC IV this weekend. 

This has created a small space on the painting table to allow the D.A.K. for 'O' Group to be started. 

All of the miniatures in this project are from Pendraken Miniatures 10mm range and have incredible detail for small figures. Too much detail but that's another story for another day. 

For no reason other than they were there, the first group of models is a pair of Marder IIIs.

After the first session, already looking at ways to speed up the painting of these figures as they started using a painting scheme for 1/56 scale models. Way, way too much depth in painting. The main thing is that the models have enough character to distinguish them from Allied models on the table, the RAL colour reference isn't the driving force here. 

The second pair, still in their basic Pz Grey primer will Match slightly later colour schemes for Sicilian and Italian campaigns. Again, working to table top distances. 

Will be posting more work in progress pics from the ongoing Wars of the Roses project ongoing just now in the next few days as well. 

Cheers for now. 

Friday 5 January 2024

Back to the Brushes 380


Work in progress on Warwick above and Percy Scurrours below. There is still a lot to do on Warwick and not happy with the horse so it may be repainted or at least washed with black to settle the tones down. 

Daylight will tell...

Hoping to finish off the Scurrours at the next painting session then move on to the foot knights and retinue and Welsh archers. 

Cheers for now.