Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Back to the Brushes 358

Strictly speaking, no brushes have been used for these figures at this point. 

Swiss files, scapels and PVA to mount them on painting bases or grab adhesive for the 25mm rounds, yes. Brushes no. 

Rattle can session planned for the weekend all being well. 

As you will also note, no painting as distracted by prepping for the winter months.

Should manage a few figures over the next week, but not sure if it will be anywhere near thirty. 

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Back to the Brushes 357

After sorting the broken shields and spears the Thracians are back on the painting table. 

More to follow sooner rather than later. 

Cheers for now. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Back to the Brushes 356

Scenes from a game of ADLG last night as Sparta and their Thracian allies (in gray) failed to stop Hannibal and his elephants.

To further crush the fighting spirit of the Spartans the evening ended with a crash, bang, wallop! 29 shields and 19 spears to be reglued into place.

It is every gamers' nightmare and on reflection could have been far worse.

Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

30 Days 30 miniatures - November 2022

 For the 30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge there is no theme to this, just to paint and complete 30 miniatures regardless of their starting condition or size. 

The outline of the challenge is detailed below, however the main point being to have fun with your hobby.

  • To paint 30 figures of all shapes and sizes in 30 days
  • The figures can be partly painted at the start as the main point is to complete figures that have been forgotten
  • Basing is not necessary to count as completed
  • Any scale is good
  • Too have fun
  • The end date is set by your start date - 30th November will be the end date of this challenge
  • To post updates as often as possible
  • Lastly to show a roundup post with a group picture of everything.

Hope that you will find this interesting.

Cheers for now 

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Back to the Brushes 355

 The final stand of Crossbowmen and Spearmen for the Late Crusaders in ADLG. 

Strangely, for figures packed in eights, ran out of spear armed knights and substituted in the mace armed figure that you see in the pictures. The head on that mace is as big as the heads of the crossbowmen in the rear rank 😀 Scale creep is everywhere...

For this army there will be some mounted sergeants coming along shortly alongside more crossbowmen. This time the crossbows won't have any spearmen to add in. 

This takes the tally this month to: 

32 x 15mm infantry figures

Giving that the young Padawan is guising tomorrow night, there won't likely be any additions until next month. You never though...

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Back to the Brushes 354

The next stand of combined spearmen and crossbowmen for the Late Crusaders under Lionhearts strategic leadership are below:

The figures as with the bulk of  the army are from Gladiator Miniatures available through Fighting 15s.

The shield decals are from VVV and provide a quick and relatively easy way of upgrading the overall appearance of the unit.

The base from Warbases is a 40mm square on 2mm and awaits the traditional black edge.

This takes the tally for this month's 30 Days 30 Miniatures to:

24 x 15mm infantry

Still time to get some more on the painting table

Cheers for now