Friday, 9 April 2021

Back to the Brushes 307

Ever wondered why you have to dust figures before painting them, why what seemed like the best hobby purchase ever goes past its use by date and ends up in the flea market at your local gaming show? No? Well its been a frequent thought here of late, most likely due to packing items up for sale. 

It's true, that there is a stream of new shiny released every year and that games come in and out of fashion - tell that to those still playing WRG 7th ed or is it 6th ed at a local club - but why does it happen? Is it because at heart gamers are all magpies who collect shiny items or hoarders who don't know how or when to stop? I don't have the answer although I know its out there somewhere and that there will be some factual description and discussions on it.

What to do about it? Well it's simple really, ok its not in practice but is in theory:

  • Finish what you start ☺
  • Only buy what you you really really need ☺
  • Re-evaluate your interests against your collection - not painted or played in 5 or 10 years? Not likely to do again - then its time to say goodbye ☺
  • Set targets and make them happen☺
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time bound
  • Cancel your eBay account ☺
  • Disconnect from the internet ☺

Joking aside the point of this does relate to a lot of things in all our lives and at the end of the day you can only play one game with one set of figures at a time. 

Be in that moment, enjoy it and don't worry about the next new game or set of figures that you don't need. Work on what you have and paint 30 Miniatures in 30 Days. It makes sense and here are a few from this month:

Twelve in fact, nine from Museum Miniatures and 3 from Minifigs (think). Based on 40mm fronts for use in ADLG, DBA and Hail Caesar to name a few. 

Hope that you found this interesting and stay safe. 

Thursday, 8 April 2021

All Hell let Loose 20

This was a cheeky way of grabbing a few points in the AHPC XI as it was used in the Chamber of Challenges - Hall of Traps entry. Well it is a tank trap. 

Purchased off eBay in late 2020 however have no clue on who the manufacturer is for this although there is another set of three to complete. 

 Cheers for now and stay safe

Friday, 2 April 2021

Fury of the North 26

Last month sort of passed by in a flash and here we are 11 days past the finishing line of the AHPC XI. 

This was the first entry since early January and is a single Norman Crossbowman from Gripping Beast. It's the figure on the front near corner that was painted during this challenge, the others were completed at some point throughout 2020. 

These are for use as Normans, Christian Spanish troops and mercenaries and possibly even Crusaders from the 1st Crusade. 

There will be more to follow from this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge XI finished entries over the next week or so. 

Hope this was of interest to you. 

Cheers for now

Thursday, 1 April 2021

30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge - April 2021

Have been offline and off the brushes now for the last 11 days and feel the better for it. Needed a chance to recharge a bit and sort some things out here and there. 

Still have the finished pictures from the AHPC XI to post so plenty to show and about to start the first 30 Day Painting Challenge alongside a 20 Minutes a Day Challenge

For the 30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge there is no theme to this, just to paint and complete 30 miniatures regardless of their starting condition. 

The outline of the challenge is detailed below, however the main point being to have fun with your hobby.

  • To paint 30 figures of all shapes and sizes in 30 days
  • The figures can be partly painted at the start as the main point is to complete figures that have been forgotten
  • Basing is not necessary to count as completed
  • Any scale is good
  • Too have fun
  • The end date is set by your start date - 30th April will be the end date of this challenge
  • To post updates as often as possible
  • Lastly to show a round up post with a group picture of everything.

The 20 Minutes a Day Challenge is just that to paint a unit or batch of figures in sessions lasting not longer than 20 minutes and post progressives pictures of this unit as it develops. This will be for 28mm figures only. 

Hope that you will find this interesting.

Cheers for now

Friday, 19 March 2021

Back to the Brushes 306

Arrrggghhh!!! Just realised that this year's AHPC XI finishes at 5 am on Sunday 21st in the UK. Not 5 pm as previously thought. 

Have the following to finish of between now and then:

  • 48 x 15mm Spartans including, basing and fitting shields and spears
  • 12 x 28mm Crusaders to be flocked
  • 1 x 28mm Sorceror to be flocked
  • 1 x 28mm terrain piece to be flocked
  • 18 x 15mm Roman Aulixiaries to be flocked
  • 2 x 18mm cannon and crew to be flocked
  • 2 x  28mm Greek light cavalry
  • 3 x 28mm Thessalian cavalry
  • 8 x 28mm Germanic Tribesmen shields and weapons to do, then base
  • Photograph the lot and post.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy busy day

Stay safe and don't panic

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Imperium Fine Sine 29

Here you have a Scorpion from Warlord Games and this will be a part of a Marian/Caesarian Roman army that has been getting painting over that last year or so. The figures in the background are a part of this army and have just been shown in a previous post.

This has been completed as a part of this year's AHPC XI

The Scorpion and supporting infantry have all been painted using a block, wash and highlight method of painting. This is my version of speed painting and gives a rewarding finish for the table top. 

The highlight is normally the same colour as the base allowing the toning wash to do its work. 

Hope that you found this of interest. 

Stay safe and cheers for now

Monday, 15 March 2021

Imperium Sine Fine 28

 These two stands have been finished for some time now with just the basing to do. Well now that's done too. 

The figures are all from Foundry's Caesarian Romans except for the horn blower on the right unit; an old Gripping Beast figure from a range that sadly is currently out of production. The other half of this army are all from the Gripping Beast range. 

The shield transfers are from Little Big Men, although there is a fair amount of over painting on these as well. 

Painted using the block, wash and high light method that has been used to for this army and allies and mercenaries from this period. The end result is both rewarding and achievable making this army a realistic target for completion this year. 

Hope that you found this interesting and stay safe. 

Cheers for now