Thursday, 22 July 2021

Dance of Bronze 23

Like all things, starting small is apart of the natural progression of the world. These skirmishers are a part of that, the seed if you will, that a fuller army will grow from across the coming months. 

These figures have not been selected randomly, as they depict Agrianians from the armies of Phillip II and Alexander III of Macedon. The later is better known by many as Alexander the Great - who coincidentally was born on the 20th/21st July 356BCE

The figures are from Wargames Foundry's the World of Greeks range and are a personal favourite for this period. 

When painting these the choice of colours was to enhance the figures visually on the table by using the brighter blue to signify a more prominent unit of skirmishers instead of beiges and buffs.

More from this period in the remaining months of 2021. 

Stay safe and cheers for now


Monday, 19 July 2021

Back to the Brushes 313

A long way from finished as the month moves into it's last third. 

A few other bits and bobs are in the sidelines; just needing a clear run at finishing them off. 

Truth be told, too easily distracted at the moment so need to knuckle down and finish a few pieces and focus more clearly on the next unit rather than the current butterfly approach. 

Stay safe and cheers for now


Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Back to the Brushes 312

A slow start to the month which is now gathering a bit of pace. Changes everywhere just now and readjusting to this as well as a major sporting event or two has taken a chunk out of hobby time. That said there will be different priorities in the coming months that will free some time up to paint; more of that later. 

Started on this motley crew earlier this week after a WhatsApp chat about Warhammer Ancients with a friend. A bit of reminiscing, a bit of potential forward planning and a bit of general gaming chat brought these figures to the fore. 

As usual for this period the figures are from Gripping Beast and were a part of a larger lot purchased on evil Bay back in the day. On starting to paint these there are a few burrs here and there that have been missed when cleaning up the figures and one or two faces have seen better days. Not looking to win any beauty prizes with these just well-painted figures that will fit into several Dark Age warbands; Normans and Bretons to start with.

Hope that you found this interesting and stay safe. 

Cheers for now. 

Thursday, 1 July 2021

30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge - July 2021

Will be starting another 30 Day Painting Challenge this evening and looking to catch up on the shortfall from recent months. 

For the 30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge there is no theme to this, just to paint and complete 30 miniatures regardless of their starting condition or size. 

The outline of the challenge is detailed below, however the main point being to have fun with your hobby.

  • To paint 30 figures of all shapes and sizes in 30 days
  • The figures can be partly painted at the start as the main point is to complete figures that have been forgotten
  • Basing is not necessary to count as completed
  • Any scale is good
  • Too have fun
  • The end date is set by your start date - 31st July will be the end date of this challenge
  • To post updates as often as possible
  • Lastly to show a round up post with a group picture of everything.

Hope that you will find this interesting.

Cheers for now 

Monday, 28 June 2021

Back to the Brushes 311

The first of a small run of US Infantry that were part of a larger group that has moved on to pastures new. Sadly, nobody wants these in their grey primer; so here they are with a bit more colour to their backs. 

The set comprises of one spotter team, two 60mm mortars and one 4.2" mortar that requires said mortar. The bases have still to be done on these then, its texture, static grass and varnished before going back to the market with them. Once they are complete will post full pictures and a price so if anyone is interested...leave a comment. 

These are also the first finished figures for June 2021

11 x 20mm figures

Hope that you found this interesting.

Stay safe and cheers for now.

Sunday, 27 June 2021

30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge - May 2021 Round up

May passed by in a flash leaving this 30 Days 30 Miniatures six figures short of the finish line. To say that there was a lot going on is an understatement however, that's passed now and its time to rise from the metaphorical ashes. 

The pictures below show a mix of both scales and periods; starting with a few more terrain pieces for 28mm WW2. No idea who the manufacturer is for these which is a pity as rather like the single man sandbag emplacements. 

The greying hut is from Hovel's ACW range although it could be used for any North American conflict from the French Indian War onwards. This is a part of a small farm set with the barn being the next piece to be painted.

Whilst this month, as in May, there have been no 28mm figures completed a few have been getting worked on in the sidelines. This leaves the 15mm figures from Museum Miniatures and Gladiator Games.

The Mongols from Museum Miniatures are the first completed figures for well, Mongol armies across the period of the Mongol Empire. Starting here with the first bow armed light cavalry and medium cavarly. 

Next is the start of a second DBA army for the Late Crusader period and instead of representing a famous or infamous military order this time the figures are being painted for the Knights of Jerusalem. 

Still to find suitable decals for the shields etc for this army; not sure if there is a cross surround by 4 other crosses out there. If not will have to compromise with just the one. 

Although May and for that matter June have passed in a whirlwind did manage to complete 24 different miniatures.  Not close to that figure for June yet. 

Cheers for now



Thursday, 24 June 2021

Imperium Sine Fine 30

Painted during the AHPC XI earlier this year the Roman Auxiliaries below have been painted and based as Medium Infantry for DBA/ADLG

Somewhere in amongst the Ultracast masses lurks a figure from the original Corvus Belli range. However, without the figures here to check for heft, there is no way of telling. 

The shield decals are from VVV and reverting back to waterslide made the process much smoother than the rub on/offs from Little Big Men. Not as pretty mind you but certainly quicker and less fiddly. 

The bases have been covered with Geek Gaming Scenics base ready range then additional scenic scater added to brighten ever thing up. The block and wash method of painting used for these can leave the figures looking a bit sombre. 

Need to pick up the pace on this army and start on the legionnaires and cavalry. There may be an opportunity to paint a bit more in the next few weeks so will see what comes of it. 

Hope you found this interesting and stay safe. 

Cheers for now