Sunday 3 March 2024

Back to the Brushes 385

Continuing to paint these tin cans for the Wars of the Roses retinue that may be for ADLG or may be for Never Mind the Billhooks in 28mm. 

At this point the latter is more likely as a game system however the basing will be on 60mm fronts so not to rule out other games such as DBA, Hail Caesar and ADLG.

In terms of painting, these have been primed with Army Painter Platemail, washed in Nuln Oil and then worked back up with Army Painter Platemail and Shining Silver. 

Planning another session in these shortly with a view to getting some,if not all completed for basing. 

The figures are all from Perry Miniatures and the pair on the rectangular base are plastic the rest are from the metal range. 

Cheers for now.

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tradgardmastare said...

They look full of hand to hand combat effectiveness, great work.
Alan Tradgardland