Sunday 25 February 2024

Back to the Brushes 384

It has been a busy month with a variety other commitments interfering with hobby time. Such is life as the old folks say. 

On the subject of old folks, here are a couple of classic Citadel Hobgoblins from circa 1984.

Using Foundry's Oriental Flesh triad for these Hobgoblins after looking at some classic Japanese artwork for Oni and deciding that brownish reds weren't the colour scheme looked for.

Along side the Hobgoblins are the crew for a canon to be used in Wars of the Roses gaming. The figures are from Perry Miniatures and have their usual detail and excellent sculpting. 

At this stage, haven't decided on retinue colors for them and might go more free flow look to depict a mercenary unit. 

More to follow on these and a few other items shortly. 

Have a good one.

1 comment:

tradgardmastare said...

An interesting mix of old and new on the painting desk. I very much look forward to seeing them progress…
Alan Tradgardland