Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spartans on the hoof

Here are a few pictures of the first completed Spartan cavalry unit along with a screen of slingers. The cavalry have been painted as Spartiate with the classic red tunic. Not altogether sure if this is historically correct but from the artistic point of view it helps keep the army together and will help for identification on the gaming table as well; unfortunately for both sides though.

The base was completed without the planned water effect. The texturing was painted as rock to blend with the colouring of the base which hopefully it achieves.

The second unit of cavalry is well under way and will hopefully be completed over the next week or so. Anyway here are the pictures:

The next pictures are of a few pieces of ongoing work; first a mercenary peltast unit for the Spartans and second a frothing loon for the Viking berserkers. The Vikings are on the back burner at present but the intention is to paint the odd figure in amongst the Spartans to break things up a bit. This helps to keep things fresh and motivation high by chipping away at other projects at the same time.

That's all at present but will hopefully be back soon with some more on the second unit of cavalry, peltasts and some more information of what is coming up on the painting table for the remainder of 2011.

As always please feel free to add any comments.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back to the brushes 2

Just a few pictures of Spartan Cavalry and a Late Roman Scorpion base that has been languishing in the side lines for some time. Both are fully painted with only the texturing and painting of the bases to be done.

The Spartan cavalry are first and the original plans was to have a water feature on this base. However, the product which was bought for this is not suitable as it doesn't dry like a resin more like a tacky gel which is no use. The texturing on the base will be left on and most likely used to show some sort of wadi or similar. The casualty figure may not be on the final base as just not sure if it sits right.

The commander for the Scorpion unit was painted over the last few days to allow this base to be completed. The shield is hand painted and the pattern is based on a historical image from the Notitia Dignitatum and can also be seen on Saxon Dog's blog; the colours have been changed to suit the colours of the unit though. Anyway enough rambling here are the pictures:

Hopefully these bases will be completed over the next few days, work permitting. In the top right corner of the Spartan cavalry the first figure for the Viking berserkers can be seen but more of them in the future.

Cheers for now.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Carronade 2011

In the previous post Carronade 2011 was mentioned, a gaming and hobby show run by the Falkirk District Wargaming Club every May. The show has grown each year and support from both traders and clubs is good, with variety of demo and participation games and a large amount of wargaming eye-candy.

Here are the best of the pictures taken on the day of the Impetus Table showing the Great Italian Wars in full swing:

Sorry that there are so few pictures from the show, but somebody forgot to charge their camera and the battery went after a few pictures.

Well thats all at present

Cheers for now

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back to the brushes

Now that the college books are closed, all being well, its time to get back to seeing red and get the Spartans and Vikings finished off. It's good to have have time for hobbies again after a pretty intense last month of studying.

Rather than rush straight in head first, a more sedate approach has been used, mixing washing ECW figures in Devlan Mud before a short session of painting red tunics for the Spartan cavalry. Thankfully there are only three figures in this base so not too much red to start with. Hopefully get more done in the morning before work in the afternoon, needs must and all that.

There will be a few pictures of an Impetus game at Carronade to follow, once they are uploaded from the camera.

Cheers for now.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

So very nearly finished...

the dissertation, only 1 more night and all will be done.

Thank you all for your patience, painting and gaming posts will resume shortly.

A quick welcome to all the new followers as well.

I'm looking forward to Carronade at the weekend and hopefully will be able to post some pictures.