Sunday, 31 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 7

After the Analogue Painting Challenge finished the impetus to paint has eased off. So to get started again a partially completed Jagdpanther from Britannia Miniatures has been completed. A great model that painted up easily and now waits for use alongside a few other pieces of German armour from this period.

This model has started a small project on its; finishing what is already started. So in the future there may be pictures in no particular order of the following:

  • Some Vikings from Gripping Beast for Impetus
  • Some Late Roman horse archers from Gripping Beast for Impetus
  • A Chariot and crew from Redoubt Miniatures for Impetus
  • A few pre-slotta Dwarves from Citadel for Songs of Blades and Heroes
  • Some more 15mm vehicles from Battlefront
  • A few Huns from Gripping Beast for Impetus
After all of these the intention is to take stock and work solely on a dedicated project until completion. This is a change of style in painting but something that has been considered for sometime lately. Too many half started projects are not seeing the end of the road and look unlikely to for a while unless some dedicated effort in put into them individual. When this stage is reach a small poll will be held to see what people would like to see, but more of that later.

Cheers for now 

Monday, 25 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 6

The last of the entries from Curt's Analogue Painting challenge are below. The vehicles are 15mm from Battlefront and include four Stugs and eight Opel Blitz. 

As with the previous models from this range these are well detailed and great to paint. Only a few more transports to paint and then its on to the infantry and support stands. Not looking forward to these as 15mm is not the preferred scale for painting.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dance of Bronze 4

The finished pictures of a mercenary peltast bases that was recently added to the Analogue Painting Challenge. The figures are from Foundry's World of Greeks range and will be used with the Spartans, the planned Macedonians - both Alexandrian and Successor so will be well used.


Great sculpts with good detail and they are enjoyable to paint as well. The red was chosen so they will be easily seen on the table and also as they are a mercenary unit. Fairly sure that red was a colour associated with mercenaries during the Hellenistic period and early, although can't say where this was read.

Another unit of these is planned for later this year if the painting goes to schedule, along with more from this period.

Lastly, a warm welcome to:

  • Millsy

Hope that you find something of interest and use in these pages.

Cheers for now

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Back to the Brushes 50

A slight change of plan in that the WIP pictures are being shown before the base is fully completed.  This is the second unit of Mycenaean spearmen for the planned Impetus army.

A very regular approach to basing this unit was used, most  likely due to the time of night that the basing was started.

A slightly different approach to the shields this time and on reflection the original method used previously is preferred and will be used for any other shields throughout the remainder of the this army.

The last picture shows the basing starting to take place. Hopefully this will be completed over the new few days.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different 10

The next completed batch of Ninja from Dixon Miniatures for Songs of Blades and Heroes. There are nine here taking the group total to fifteen. This should be more than enough for any Samurai or Ronin that are willing to take the challenge.

The promised work in progress pictures of the Mycenaean Spearmen will actually be the finished item. If you have been following the progress of the 3rd Analogue Painting Challenge then you will have already seen them in there incomplete state - that is not fully based.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 5

Below are the finished pictures for a variety of WWII German AT Guns that have been painted over the last few weeks. The crew are all from SHQ and the guns are from Skytrex. In order there is a PAK 43, PAK 40 and a PAK 38 from top to bottom of the post.

PAK 43

PAK 40

PAK 38

Next up will be the promised WIP pictures from the last painting sessions.

Cheers for now.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fury of the Norse 8

A few quick picture from the first game of SAGA the other day. The boards and buildings are from a demo game shown at Carronade back in 2009. There are buildings from both Gripping Beast and Grand Manner here. This was also a Viking skirmish game strangely enough.

The basic mechanics were fairly quick to pick up and in a Viking versus Viking game the end result didn't take too long to achieve.

In the end, a Warlord backed up his Berserker hearth guard proved too much for the opposition. Well that and some lucky dice rolls for a change.

In all a good, fun game which served well as an introduction to SAGA which has already got another club member interested in the game. Fairly sure that this will be a favourite in the future.

Cheers for now.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 4

A mixed batch of WWII armoured vehicles here. The first pair are both from Britannia Miniatures in 1/76 scale. On the left there is a Marder, not sure if a II or III but a Marder it is and on its right could be a Wespe but the barrel of the gun is wrong. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

The models are well defined and great to paint. Hopefully, they and a few of their friends will see the table throughout the remained of this year.

Next there are a pair of Jagdpanzer IV's from Battlefront. At 15mm scale these are very detailed and  also very easy to paint.

Now the Jagdpanzer's big brother, the Jagdpanther. Not much else to say here other than must really complete the 20mm version of the same.

There will be some more form WWII shortly as well as some Vikings and WIP pictures.

Cheers for now.