Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 62

Another few pictures of the Vikings as the last stands are so nearly completed. Figures are from Gripping Beast and shield designs from Little Big Men. These transfers really are great and have lifted stands over all.

The fallen spear is glued to both hand and base in a vain attempt to ensure that it doesn't move in the future. On reflection, looking at it here it really should be point up and base down. Easily fixed at this stage of the game.

Next, a slightly smaller berserker from Citadel's Northern Dwarf range. This guy is really upset with world as he sees it and is proving great fun to paint, red daubed flesh and all.

Lastly, a warm welcome to the newest follower to this blog:
  • Chris Stoesen
Hopefully Chris, you'll find things of interest within these pages.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fury of the North 9

As work continues on the last two stands of Vikings for the basic Impetus army here are some pictures of the other stands as they have now been based.

The first stand is that of the Odalsbondi with general attached. The figures here are Gripping Beast and one from Foundry - the giant resting on his axe front right as viewed. The banners are from Little Big Men as are some of the shield transfers. They really do make a difference to the overall appearance of the stand.

Pictured above with another stand at the rear for added depth and to see what the large units of the full Impetus army would look like.

The remaining pictures show the other Odalsbondi stand and bondi stands with figures again from Gripping Beast and Foundry

Throughout the basing of this army, a sense of movement has being trying to be achieved and hopefully the pictures show this.

The two at the back of the unit below are from Foundry are smaller than the Gripping Beast figures at the front. Not too worry as they fit in well and look the part in the stand.

Thats all for now but hopefully there will be more work in progress of the other two stands very soon.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 61

Just a few quick shots of the army at present as painting continues on the last two stands.

The full army will include several sabot bases with figures used for SAGA as well.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 60

Another few pictures of the WIP on the Vikings for Basic Impetus and eventually Impetus. These are the last two stands required for the basic list and include the infamous berserkers stand, can you work out which one it will be?

Both stands are so nearly finished that over the next few nights there will only be Vikings getting painted. Project S will have to wait a few more days before any more time is spent on it.

All the figures in these stands are from Gripping Beast over a variety of ranges and ages; hopefully they will convey the varied nature of the Vikings and a good sense of of the period as well. Vikings just don't look right in tidy ranks, even when in shieldwall. Just a personal opinion mind you.

Hopefully, the Late Roman camp will be complete in the next few days as well, so more pictures to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 59

A few work in progress pictures below. The first showing the final part of the Late Roman camp base for Impetus. The figures are from Foundry - the two off duty troops - and Gripping Beast - the horse and spear/shield stand just seen in the fore ground. There is still a rider for the horse to complete and then the base will be ready for finishing.

Next up are a few nearly completed Viking Hirdmen again for Impetus. At this stage these figures could well end up being sabot based for additional figures in SAGA, but no firm decision has been made on this yet. Here the figures are all from Gripping Beast's Vikings and Anglo Danes ranges.

Project S is on a bit of a hold at present as trying to finish off the above Vikings and Late Romans to make some space on the painting table. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the above finished very soon.

Cheers for now

Thursday, 13 June 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different 11

This young fellow has been hanging around the edge of the painting table for sometime now, so in between colours for Vikings and working on the first full stand for Project S here he is:

An old Citadel figure that has been brought to life again for Songs of Blades and Heroes, taking the warband into double figures now at ten. Great fun to paint and even more fun to game with.

More to follow shortly with working progress on the Vikings.

Cheers for now.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 58

The pictures below show the work in progress of the camps stands for the Late Romans in Impetus with two thirds of the camp nearly completed. The other third has already been started and there will be pictures to follow shortly.

The last picture shows the start of a Desperado gang for Dead Man's Hand. The figures are banditos from Artizan Design and really are full of character. More of these and other stuff for Dead Man's Hand in the near future.

Yesterday saw some good progress on the first stands for Project S, with a good few figures blocked in.   More to follow shortly hopefully.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dance of Bronze 6

Here at last are the final pictures of the Mycenaean Chariot that has been on the painting table for the last few months. All the figures are from Redoubt Miniatures and are full of character for the period. Anyway enough chat here's the pictures:

Due to a trip away and a chest infection this has been the first hobby work undertaken in the last few weeks. Starting to feel more energetic so hopefully there will be more brush work to follow as Project S is now ready to start properly.

There are also some plans starting to take shape for a possible display game for next year, but this will depend on a few other factors.

Cheers for now