Thursday, 30 January 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different 16

A recent submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge

The figures are all from the Golden Age of Citadel Miniatures, back in the early eighties. Well 'eighty -four to be precise or there about. The Orcs are all 28mm in scale and vary greatly in style as they should do. These were some of the first opponents I faced back when as a fourteen year old beginner in D & D and other such fun. Ironically, D & D turns forty this year if my memory is correct.

Over the last year or so I have tracked down these fell fourteen and painted them especially for the challenge. I do remember in one game I played that the Orcs of the Black Shield were the toughest and meanest of all Orcs; their shields stained black with the blood of fallen foes. That memory and many others others have been the inspiration behind these dour warriors and will be that of their other seven brethren to come. Hope you all enjoy these figures as much as  I as did painting them.

More work in progress pictures to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Back to the Brushes 83

Some work in progress pictures of a few things on going at present.

More of the retro Citadel Orcs that will complete the Orcs of the Black Shields warband for Songs of Blades and Heroes.

Some more from Artizan Design, with the Earps for Dead Man's Hand. Great figures with loads of character and a great piece of reference for these can be found here

More work in progress figures and finished figures to follow shortly.

Cheers for now

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Lion Rampant

Looking forward to this author event at Dunfermline Carnegie Library early next month.

Cheers for now

Dead Man's Hand

This is the first of a series of character figures for the game of the same name as above. Hoping to complete two opposing gangs over the coming months and perhaps some scenery too later in the year.

Below is the first entry to this year's Analogue Paining Challenge. This figure will be making its was to Canada very shortly and was a pleasure to paint.

The figure is from Artizan Designs and a second version will be being painted very soon. The stubble was the first attempt at this and overall has worked out very well. There will be more from this range in the future.

Opted for a generic colour scheme for this figure and am pleased with the effect it gives. The others from the same pack will be in similar colours to distinguish them from their "official" fellows. More of that later.

Next up will be some general work in progress pictures.

Cheers for now.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back to the Brushes 82

Well, things have been a bit hectic here over the last ten days and are likely to get more so over the next few weeks. There is a restructure going on at work and everything is starting to become very real. that includes the prospect of significant changes to my job, working patterns and potentially location and place of work. Sadly, this has effected hobby time but it is hoped that this will swing round over the next few days.

Now for something a little more interesting. Pictured below are the last of the second batch of Citadel Orcs. These are now fully painted and waiting on their bases being completed and as the long awaited tufted have finally arrived can be completed this weekend.

Below is one of three Artizan Design figures being painted for a Pulp Hero game at some point this year. Great figures that are full of character.

The first of six stands of Mycenaeans being painted at present; these are javelin armed light infantry and are moving along slowly. Then again everything is at present.

Hope to have the first entry read for the Analogue Painting Challenge this weekend so keep visiting back to see the finished items.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Starting up in 2014

Well, 2014 has started and like so many other plans everything has gone amiss on first contact. The carefully constructed plan for the 4th Analogue Painting Challenge has already been scrapped and a revision drafted. Progress on the first group of orcs has been stalled by waiting on the tufts to finish their bases with. The second and third batches are moving on slowly as is the submission figure. Pictures of all to follow...

All of the above should have been completed and submitted by now but things just haven't going to schedule. Never mind there is still time and a few other things to paint for the bonus rounds. There could be some late nights coming soon.

On to 2014 proper. The plan this year in terms of painting is to complete the Mycenaeans for Impetus and after that there is nothing set. The plans for painting as well as gaming this year will be very much going with the flow and seeing what comes along. Some older projects may be revisited and a few smaller started but we will see what the coming months bring.

Pictures and more chat to follow shortly.

Cheers for now