Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Back to the Brushes 57

Progress has been slow lately as Project S is being prepared for painting. There is nothing more tedious than removing flash and filing casting lines off miniatures but sometimes there is just no choice it has to be done. Not that these castings are bad, its just the entire army in one go gets a bit soul destroying. The 300 point army at present stands at one hundred and twenty-six figures including all cavalry and infantry and its so very nearly finished. As always there are surplus figures for more options in the future, but these really are for the future.

There will be a fair bit of redesign going on with the blog over the next few days as some of the Basic Impetus pages are redesigned to allow for Project S and other projects including the Vikings, Mycenaeans and Trojans. A very quick picture of the Vikings stands at present:

Lastly, this blog started off with the painting of Spartans and in a vain attempt to gain a few extra votes check out Wargaming Girls blog for her free prize draw. Its not too late to join in the lottery.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Back to the Brushes 56

Time this week just seems to be running away with itself and as a result time for hobbies is reduced, however, the Mycenaean chariot is now complete, just the figures to glue in place and base so all good there.  Some slow progress has also been made on the basing of the Vikings for Impetus. Sadly no pictures of either but this will change over the next few days too.

In addition to this, the first few figures for Project S have been cleaned up and undercoated. They are looking, well black at present but the figures by Gripping Beast are worthy of note. The plan here is to keep the project under wraps until there is something of note to show, at least a few stands anyway.

Due to increased bombardment by spam, word identification has now been added to any comments for this blog. Sorry, but it was just getting to be a complete pain in the...

Lastly, check out Wargaming Girl's blog for her next give away. The girl has style and knows how to work the blogosphere!

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Feeling Lucky

Wargaming Girl is having a prize draw to celebrate 100,000 plus hits with goodies from the bag below:

You never know what the future is going bring so to help out try the link above.

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Back to the Brushes 55

The last week has seen very little in the way of brush work been done. There was a long period mid week of sorting out figures for the start of a new project which is Impetus related but subsequently very little painting. This however, is about to change.

Below is the last pictures of the Mycenaean Chariot prior to final basing. This will be the last chariot based at an angle with some larger bases have been purchased from Warbases at Carronade.

Work on the multi-purpose Roman camp continues as shown below. The figures are from Foundry and will be on a separate base. The completed camp will have two tents and a few figures on a third stand. This will allow the tents to be used for other Roman armies as necessary.

Lastly, some bases of Vikings for Impetus finally receive their textured bases. It has been a long wait for these gents but now the Basic Impetus army is very nearly completed.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Carronade 2013 - the pictures

A selection of pictures from yesterday's show "Carronade" hosted by Falkirk Wargames Club. 

American Civil War action from Dunfermline Wargames Club - Antietam

A Medieval game using Hail Caesar

A Very British Civil War - the picture doesn't do this justice.
A Desert Skirmish game

Dunfermline Wargames and Roleplayers Fellowship - a massive 40K romp over 12 foot long
54mm figures - slightly out of focus
Again slightly out of focus
Dead Mans Hand - more on this in the future
Hex based Napoleonics

Picts versus Romans at the Antonine Wall. All the figures here are cast from Prince August moulds. 
The aftermath of Chalons - more detail on Caliban - somewhen's blog
The show was very busy around eleven AM and a fair number of the displays were hard to see. As the day progressed the show quietened down allowing some time to have a better look at the tables and traders.

A few purchases were made during the show including:

  • Bases and markers from Warbases
  • A few more Late Romans/Arthurians from Gripping Beast
  • A few figures, shield transfers and banners for a new project - Project S - more on this in the near future. These again were from Gripping Beast
  • Some MDF scenery from Ground 4
  • Some Banditos from Artizan Design
  • Lastly, a bargain of 36 Foundry World of Greeks Hoplites for Impetus

It was good to catch up with a few fellow bloggers on the day including:
Now off to start preparing for today's Impetus game this afternoon.

Cheers for now

Carronade Remembered - 2011

A couple of pictures from Carronade 2011 of an Impetus demo game run by the current world champion Dax Robertson. From memory it was an Italian Wars game with lots of heavy cavalry and pikes.

Cheers for now

Friday, 10 May 2013

Carronade 2013

Off to Carronade 2013 Wargames Show in Falkirk tomorrow with a few people from Dunfermline Wargames Club. Anyone else going along? Should have been more organised and arranged a bloggers meet like a good few bloggers did at this year's Salute. Ah, well, maybe next year!

Looking forward to the display games and the painting competition, a full picture report to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Carronade Remembered - 2009

As Carronade 2013 draws nearer here are a few pictures from past shows:

The pictures above and below are from a demo game that the now defunct Legion Games club put on titled "Broadsword." This was a conversion of Mordheim for the Viking Age with a card driven bonus system for the warbands. From memory it worked very well and was a great laugh.

The pictures below are from another demo game although the title and group running have long since past from the memory.

If memory serves the windmill above worked during the game. This really is an example of the pictures not doing the figures and scenery justice.

Lastly a warm welcome to the newest followers of this blog

  • Itinerant
  • Stuart
Hopefully you find something of use and interest in these pages

Cheers for now