Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Back to the Brushes 57

Progress has been slow lately as Project S is being prepared for painting. There is nothing more tedious than removing flash and filing casting lines off miniatures but sometimes there is just no choice it has to be done. Not that these castings are bad, its just the entire army in one go gets a bit soul destroying. The 300 point army at present stands at one hundred and twenty-six figures including all cavalry and infantry and its so very nearly finished. As always there are surplus figures for more options in the future, but these really are for the future.

There will be a fair bit of redesign going on with the blog over the next few days as some of the Basic Impetus pages are redesigned to allow for Project S and other projects including the Vikings, Mycenaeans and Trojans. A very quick picture of the Vikings stands at present:

Lastly, this blog started off with the painting of Spartans and in a vain attempt to gain a few extra votes check out Wargaming Girls blog for her free prize draw. Its not too late to join in the lottery.

Cheers for now


Dalauppror said...

The Vikings looks greate, love the bigbases !!!

Best regards Michael

Nate said...

What a menacing looking bunch! Nice work on these mate, i really like them.

Monty said...

Lovely painting and basing! Impetus rules! You are very ambitious with 3 armies under way at once.

Is Project S the counterpart to the Vikings? Just a poor guess on my part!

roma912 said...

Thanks Michael. I use 60mm deep bases for all infantry in Impetus as it allows more opportunity to arrange the figures in more than just ranks :-)


roma912 said...

Thanks Nate!

roma912 said...

Hi Monty,

The Vikings are so nearly finished it would wrong not to compleye them.

A fair guess as to what Project S is but I am afraid your not correct. Once the first couple of bases are completed all will be revealed!


The Angry Lurker said...

Beautiful work sir, in fact damn nice!