Monday, 30 March 2020

Reconquista 7

Long has this stand been waiting for two figures; the standard bearer and the captain type to the left. The religious zealot at the back of the stand has been all alone for as long as he has been completed. 

The figures are from Gripping Beast and are possible the favourite range that they produce. The figures just work, individually, in small groups like below and in large unit groups. Broad surfaces and good cuts for shading also make these easy to paint quickly with good results.

The standard is from Little Big Men and the triangles were all painted in Foundry Madder Red to hide the bright green that was originally there. The green just didn't sit with the red turbans and sashes.

Thanks for looking and more to follow shortly

Cheers for now

Monday, 23 March 2020

Imperium Sine Fine 21

Some armies are just never finished and the Late Romans would be that one here. 

Below are recently completed Gripping Beast Late Roman archers that will be either used as support elements or as skirmishers depending on the needs of each particular game.

There will be another six of these appearing here shorty to complete the sagittarii for the Late Romans as based on 60mm fronts.

There will be another dozen to be painted across this year based individually on 25mm rounds for use in SAGA and Lion Rampant as Romano Brits.

A new project has just been started on a smaller scale than above; more on this in the coming days with the announcement of the Quarantine Challenge 2020 following on from the completion of the AHPC X.

Cheers for now

Friday, 20 March 2020

Dance of Bronze 19

Recently completed and shown in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge X here are three Wargames Foundry World of Greek skirmishers.

The Skirmishers will be used in Mortal Gods to support their Hoplite brothers on the flanks and rough ground. They will also provide limited ranged attacks on opposing hoplites as well.

The muted and earthy tones used will be an interesting juxtaposition to the red of the Spartan Hoplites that will make up the main part of this force at present. 

With skirmish games scatter terrain is a key element of the table top, in my opinion that is; so here is the first of about a dozen individual resin pieces.

From Grand Manner this table and pots/urns collection was also a part of this year's AHPC X. The resin piece has been glued to the circular base from Warbases and textured to suit. Not really sure how it will effect the game other than to set the scene.

More finished items to follow from this year's Challenge in the next week or so.

In these changing and trying days take care of you and yours.

Cheers for now.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Imperium Sine Fine 20

Recently completed and shown in the AHPC X here is a group of Hearthguard for an Arthurian or Romano-British warband.

The figures are from Gripping Beast Wolftail warriors and have been a pleasure to paint.

The colours picked whilst similar to the previous hearth-guard they are not an exact match - Dark Age dyes varied a lot or so I am told.

More finished work to show over the next week.

Cheers for now

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Back to the Brushes 258

As the last week of the AHPC X starts the chaos catches up. No border closures here although this may effect future gaming events in the UK.

Last work in progress picture this side of the end of the challenge.

Shown above are Late Roman archers from Gripping Beast, Greek skirmishers from Foundry, a Crusader also from Gripping Beast and bill-men from Gladiator Miniatures.

The skirmishers are done and the archers are next to be finished.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Fantasy Hero 19

Recently completed retro figures from the C06 Northern Dwarfs range by Citadel circa 1984.

Purchased back in the day this is their most recent colouring in and the last time too.

Great figures full of character and in these guys cases a lot of memories of MERP too.

Cheers for now.