Tuesday 7 May 2024

Back to the Brushes 386

It's been far from quiet here at Bases and Brushes; holidays, birthdays, shows and the daily humdrum of modern life has meant that there just hasn't been a moment to sit in peace and paint a wee man or two. 

Can't comment for others but painting, gaming and the hobby in general is often a release from the constant stream of distractions this digital age offers. Ironic, considering this post is a part of this digital age.

A place to sit for a while, to calm the mind and silence the barking black dogs and insidious whispering voices in your mind. A place to focus and draw on your creativity to summon peace and still your mind and do some colouring in.

Under coat, base coat, under painting, toning, layering, shading, stippling, dry brushing, washes, and glazes are all parts of the process, parts that when brought together make a whole and worthwhile past time.  

Given that space and time it's possible to do this

Gripping Beast Carthaginian Libyan spearmen veterans for SAGA.

A few more hearth guards added in.

Shield transfers from Little Big Men.

The start of a bigger unit of Hannibal's veteran spearmen. Figures again from Gripping Beast.

Base coat on for the flesh colour. 

The next point of hearth guard are on the painting table as well. 

Peace and time well spent. 

Cheers for now.

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tradgardmastare said...

Great casts and painting that does them justice.
Alan Tradgardland