Monday, 31 October 2016

C Beams Glitter in the Dark 2

Plasma cannons for ARC forces in Critical Mass - figures from Ground Zero Games.

These where undercoated for last year's Analogue Painting Challenge and have only recently been completed.

Most likely, this year's challenge will see more 15mm Sci Fi figures getting some paint layered on. Still have the recon troopers and mecha walkers from Critical Mass as well as a militia platoon from Ground Zero Games to complete before moving on to the last of the grave tanks. Will see what turns the eye nearer to the time before making any final decisions.

A couple of more stands from this force will be with you soon.

Cheers for now


Michael Awdry said...

Great job Sir.

Phil said...

Nice bases and fantastic looking units!

Hendrid said...

Great looking mini mini's R

Nice Blade Runner quote too :-)

roma912 said...

Thanks Michael

roma912 said...

Much appreciated Phil

roma912 said...

Thanks, its my favourite scene from a great film.

Cheers, Ross