Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dance of Bronze 9

This is the start of Macedonian and Greek armies in 6mm with figures from both Baccus and Rapier Miniatures.

These figures will provide the skirmish lines for both armies, although there may be more peltasts and Agrianians for both armies in the future.

Rapier Miniatures
In terms of quality of figure both Rapier and Baccus are good, although Baccus whilst slighter are the better. That said depending on what you want to achieve don't disregard Rapier Miniatures figures as they are good range.

Rapier Miniatures

All of the figures are based on 20 x 40mm stands and will be used for both ADG and Impetus once completed.

Baccus Miniatures
These figures are a major change of scale here away from 28mm and so far have been easy to paint. They won't however, stop 28mm figures appearing here either singly or on multi-figure bases.

Next up from this range will be Hypaspists as both spear and pikemen.

Cheers for now.


DeanM said...

Impressively done in 6mm! Nice work as always.

roma912 said...

Thanks Dean, your 2mm Romans are an inspiration for painting at smaller scales.
Cheers, Ross

Mike A said...

Super looking stuff :)
I agree Baccus have a slight edge in terms of getting them cleaned up. Though Rapier are great value and lovely figures that perhaps just require a little more TLC. They may also offer more flexibility with basing options - though I'm not too sure about their entire range.