Sunday, 15 March 2015

Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch 3

As recently posted on Analogue Painting Challenge here are five more retro Citadel figures for Songs of Blades and Heroes.

A High Sorcerer of Chaos from CO2 as shown in Citadel Compendium Two.

Rackhir the Red, or at least an artistic impression of him for the Chaos warband. Although not strictly correct for a Warrior Preist of Phum - he is not monotone in red - the yellow ochre lifts the red and gold that has been used on other parts of the figure.

The next three figures are the back bone of the warband and are all from the Citadel Compendium Two's listing of Chaos Warriors.

With these three figures the emphasis has been on their arms and armour, key elements in the figures sculpts. The character of these sculpts sets them apart - personal opinion - from their modern counter parts.

There will be more from this range in the coming weeks.

Cheers for now


Hendrid said...

What I want to know is, why do you have the same figures I do :-).

Difference being yours are painted though.

Great looking figures. Nice!

DeanM said...

Wonderful work on these characters, Ross. I do like that red Rackhir guy a lot too.