Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All Hell Let Loose 12

Another set of "Big Cats" for the 20mm WW2 Germans that have been painted off and on for several years now. These were a part of the last entry submitted for this year's Analogue Painting Challenge. The three Panthers are all from Frontline Wargaming.

These models will hopefully see use in Disposable Heroes, Memoir 44 and perhaps even re-kindle a spark of interest in Rapid Fire.

There will be more to follow from the Challenge soon and a return to normal painting updates as well.

Cheers for now


The Kiwi said...

Nice cats. Cheers

Caliban said...

Lovely work on those - I admire anyone who makes vehicles look good!

roma912 said...

Cheers Kiwi

roma912 said...

Much appreciated Caliban.

Cheers, Ross