Friday, 13 March 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different 22

The theme of the entry figure for the Analogue Painting Challenge or Curtgeld posed some problems when first announced. Given that there have been a few Chaos Warriors painted by here in this year's challenge the first thought was of Elric himself however, a suitable figure just couldn't be found.

So staying with a literary theme another character was brought out of the archives; this time Kheldar from David Eddings' The Belgariad. Kheldar or Silk as he was more commonly known was a small rat faced man who was a thief, trader, spy, assassin and heir to the throne (2nd in line) all in the one package. Silk was mostly a cynic who seemed an unlikely hero and yet a times proved to be more than worth of the title of hero. Of his early days little is known, so with some artistic license and no doublets or jaunty hats here is Silk, Prince Kheldar of Drasnia:

The figure is the Human Assassin from Otherworld Miniatures Dungeon Adventurers range and suited exactly what was looked for. Kheldar was a knife fighter at heart and the figure shows this well along with other items of his darker trade.

Anyway enough ramblings, here are the rest of the pictures, hope that you like them.

As with last year's entry figure this figure will be repainted for my own collection. Safe to say there will be more Otherworld Miniatures joining him throughout the coming months for a retro style dungeon party.

Cheers for now.


RMacedo NoVember said...

Very impressive and scary fellow! :)

Jonathan Freitag said...

Very nice!

Dont press the red button said...

Very nice, will there be any others from the stories?
He's certainly a very good choice of miniature to fit his description.

Ray Rousell said...

He's a great looking character!

roma912 said...

Thanks to all and the other characters may follow in the future. Could be interesting trying to find some of them and it will mean re-reading the books :)