Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to the Brushes 101

A brief update on the progress of several different projects that are in different stages. Sadly no pictures as the camera hadn't charged properly. Hopefully just operator error there.

The next three "cats" for the WW2 Germans are nearing completion with the final dry brushing, decals and varnishing still to do.

A number of Citadel Chaos Warriors are completed and waiting on final pictures being taken for entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge.

The Uruk Hai have stalled but will hopefully be on track for completion before the deadline.

Dropship troopers for Critical Mass have also stalled, however will be back to these this week. This will hopefully allow the Augmented Troopers time to be started and completed, again before the deadline.

Moving along well with the first of the 6mm Macedonians and Greeks with the skirmish line nearly completed. These are the same as the Chaos Warriors and only require pictures.

Will post some work in progress pictures once the camera charges.

Cheers for now


Hendrid said...

Sounds busy, will see the results once the camera is charged. Should be good.

DeanM said...

Thanks for the update, Ross. Looking forward to the glossies once the technical difficulties are worked out.