Monday, 19 July 2021

Back to the Brushes 313

A long way from finished as the month moves into it's last third. 

A few other bits and bobs are in the sidelines; just needing a clear run at finishing them off. 

Truth be told, too easily distracted at the moment so need to knuckle down and finish a few pieces and focus more clearly on the next unit rather than the current butterfly approach. 

Stay safe and cheers for now



Jonathan Freitag said...

So, so easy to be distracted especially during the summer.

tradgardmastare said...

Distraction affects us all, except for a very small minority of gamers. Think of yourself as a butterfly flitting back and forth between projects:)

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Ross!

DeanM said...

Great WIP shots of your various projects, Ross!