Monday, 3 May 2021

30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge - April 2021 Round up

April has come and gone and there has been some painting done. Perhaps not as much as planned but then who would have thought the weather would have been so good?

A mixture of periods and scales were painted including the following:

16 x 15mm Arab or Muslim Cavalry including 12 Museum Miniatures (rear and middle rows) and 3 from Minifigs.

8 x 6mm Dark Ages infantry from Baccus for use in a Norman DBA army

5 x 15mm terrain pieces for ACW games from Hovels. The cludgie and hay piles with a barn, hen house and fencing to follow. 

1 x 25mm road block from Sarissa (think) in MDF with another 4 or 5 to follow.

This month has already started well with a few pieces of scatter terrain completed last night. Pics to  follow later in the week. 

Hope you found this interesting. 

Stay safe


Ray Rousell said...

A great and varied selection Ross!

roma912 said...

Thanks Ray, its the spice of life so they say.