Tuesday, 26 September 2017

With a Rebel Yell 8

At long last this camp base of Basic Impetus Baroque has finally been flocked and pictured.
The figures are believed to be Minifigs and were part of a large collection that has been rebased, toned with Devlan Mud wash or equivalent and matt varnished. All that remains now is to sort out the surplus wagons and effects for sale and, oh, yeah paint the hundred plus foot and cavalry to complete the armies. Maybe next year? Cheers for now.


Tom said...

Nice one.

From my arcane and anorak knowledge of 15mm, I think the chaps at the front and rear of the cart (leading and pushing) are Irregular miniatures. The two female figures are also likely Irregular. The horses look like Essex - chunky but nice.

I always liked Irregular for the oddball 15mm stuff they did - things like civilians, sheep, goats and other animals, various carts and fences and all sorts of stuff to decorate a baggage element or camp.


Phil said...

Excellent job, your work on the base is superb and realistic, and the paintjob beautiful...Nice addition!

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice work, lovely basing so starting with the fun stuff before wading through the regiments of foot?! Nice colourful period though.
Best Iain

roma912 said...

Thanks for the information Tom and your comments Phil and Iain.

Cheers, Ross