Sunday, 24 September 2017

Back to the Brushes 137

Some work in progress on the 15mm Arab spearmen shown below front and rear. The first set are before the base wash for tone and the second set are after the wash has been applied and dried.
The figures are from Essex and there will be a second stand to follow. The other stand will be much darker in colour than this stand as they will be for the expanded army that will allow the Moors to be gamed.
Overall the wash has achieved look that was required and given some degree of shading without being overpowering. There will be some more work in progress pictures shortly from the same period however in a larger scale. Cheers for now.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Your Arabs are looking very good with wash over white. I still tend to black undercoat everything, then paint white (or other color) robes, and then apply stain over white robes. When I sprayed white with a stain over top, it did not work as well for me with respect to skin and accessories. I should give it another try because your results are subtle but effective. Applying too much stain is a hazard; something I still wrestle with.

roma912 said...

Thanks Jonathan.

The wash used here was Army Painter Strong Tone applied in about a 5:5 ratio of wash to water perhaps a bit heavier on the wash

My issue with some of the washes especially browns is that they can dry with a red/russet showing through. In 15mm I can live with it not the same in 28mm. Its all down to experimentation and personal taste.

Cheers, Ross

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice rapid technique, good result for 15mm!
Best Iain