Monday, 18 September 2017

Losing that Gaming Mojo 4

Recently, on the gaming front an introductory game of SAGA: Crescent and the Cross was played.

First thoughts are the Moors won't stand up against the Crusaders and Military Orders heavy cavalry. Perhaps this is won't be the case, perhaps it will and as the figures are "generic" they may morph into other factions in time.

There was a few raised eyes when Impaling Spears and The Moors Gold were used. Impaling Spears certainly stalled the Knights charge and took a few of them down too. However, the Crusaders and Military Orders had the edge on the night and the game was a victory for the Crusaders. There was a comment that the rules are written to favour the Christian factions, hopefully further games will show that there is balance within them and this is not the case.

During a conversation with a friend the other day the expression "there are gamers who paint and painters who game" was used. This got the grey matter turning round and the question is which are you? Here it is a painter who games.

Cheers for now.


Jonathan Freitag said...

The hobby is composed of an activity triad. That is, painting, gaming, and research. There are periods where one facet dominates. Recent history suggests I am a painter first.

Fred Jackson said...

I'm definitely a painter who games. When I do game I tend to binge game. I would like to game more but the domestic situation is not conducive at the moment and I find that I am doing other stuff a lot more than I used to.

Figure painting is often more fun. Rules lawyers and those who have learnt that he who shouts the loudest or longest wins the point have put me off over the years.

Neil Scott said...

I'm more a gamer who paints.

Caliban said...

Good question. I'm the same as Jonathan, especially right now...

caveadsum1471 said...

I'm a painter who games, I enjoy it when I do game but it's an infrequent activity, whereas painting /prepping /making is more or less a constant,the "craft " bit is fun and wargaming focuses my interest in history, I guess gaming is a bonus?
Best Iain

The Kiwi said...

A painter who rarely game this past year.

Steve63 said...

I'm more a painter who blogs ;-)
I also agree to an extent with Fred, but recently I've found a couple of guys with the mind set as me, problem is due to work commitments I can rarely get the time to get a game in.

roma912 said...

Some interesting comments here and time seems to be a common f
Issue with us all.

Thanks, Ross