Monday, 20 November 2017

The Eighth Annual Analogue Painting Challenge has been issued

It's going to be monstrous this year; will you take the up challenge? For more information and the start of the banter have a look here

Cheers for now

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Back to the Brushes 144

Seen a bit of chat lately on the blogsphere relating to preparing for the start of this year's Analogue Painting Challenge (VIII) which has get me to thinking: what to do this year. As no theme has been announced yet for the Challenge looking to complete a few pieces here and there pre challenge and then work on the following:

  • Trojans for Basic Impetus
  • Retro Chaos Warriors and Orcs from Citadel
  • Macedonians in 6mm
  • WWII Vehicles in 20mm - as it wouldn't be the painting Challenge without some WWII vehicles.
The best thing about all of the above is that they are already prepped and waiting on painting which will give more time to finish off some  other stuff before hand. 

Once the theme is announced will sort out painting challenge level and wait on the start date.

To follow will be some more finished and work in progress pictures. 

Cheers for now

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Targe 2017

Paid  a visit to Kirriemuir yesterday to see Targe 2017 and here are some pictures from the show

Targe is a smaller show, however has a good atmosphere and allows a better opportunity to chat to people.  It was good to see and speak to some fellow bloggers:

Alan from

David from


Tom from

Enjoyed the show and didn't spend that much which was all part of the plan. There is a new building on the horizon curtesy of Martin at  Warbases - the Late Roman Church

Cheers for now

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Lest We Forget

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Back to the Brushes 143

A little progress on the retro elf from Citadel with all the flesh now complete and the hair blocked in. The hair still has to receive a wash of Devlan mud and then be highlighted with Rich Butternut B & C from Foundry.

The tunic will most likely start off with a base coat of Mechrite Red to cover the black before toning up to a brighter red.

There is one part of the figure that remains an issue as not entirely sure what it is; there is a breast plate or raised part of the tunic on the elf's chest. Don't think its a breast plate as there are no visible straps unless they are covered by the hair.

If its painted in the lines of a breast plate will opt for bronze or copper colours surrounding a red centre; if not will work the colours of the tunic to a brighter colour to show this more prominently.  The colours of the chest piece will also be used on the bracelets and weaponry where appropriate.

Will decide which way to paint once the tunic is blocked in.

Will be returning to the Moors very soon.

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Back to the Brushes 142

First base layer on the elf's flesh blocked in last night. Looking to achieve a paler flesh tone than normal, not quite Milk Bottle Scots but paler than normal, so starting with Foundry Flesh B and working up through C to F as the final highlight. Sorry should have said, using the expert range here - not that makes you an expert just gives a wider range of colours.

Not the best pictures and only one layer down so far and perhaps the figure has lost some of the clean surface from its original casting. Still has taken the first coat well and the others will be thin layers to build the flesh tone rather than cover the black base coat.

More to follow later


Monday, 30 October 2017

Dance of Bronze 16

So, something that has been completed and to be honest has been for sometime now with this being the first skirmisher stand for a Basic Impetus Macedonian army to suit both Philip and Wee 'Eck and the Macks.

The figures are from Foundry's original range of Ancient Greeks and are clear sculpts that do exactly what it says on the tin - Greek archers. A limited colour scheme and no variance on the figures at the time of painting - last year's Analogue Painting Challenge - was a move towards how the full army will be painted, limited colours within stands to reflect an organised force. More that can be said of here.

Anyway enough babbling, the pictures.

The basing mirrors the style used on the Spartans earlier in the logs of this blog. Go on have a look if you want to here allowing the figures to be used for just about any army from that period. All good there. 

Cheers for now