Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Back to the Brushes 341

Rebasing is the bane of many a wargamer and it's no different here which is why these have sat in their storage box over the last 2 years waiting to be textured, flocked and tufted. 

The above Late Roman Equites Primo Sagittarii where originally painted and based back in 2013 for Impetus. They have now been joined by another unit below and both are now based on 60mm fronts for use in ADLG and anything else that suits. 

All the riders are from Gripping Beast as are the unarmoured horses. The armoured horses are from Footsore although they were originally purchased from their predecessors Musketeer Miniatures. 

The colour scheme was developed from the images on the Notitia Dignatitum shown below. in the second row, second from the left:

Used the red as a spot colour to allow it to draw the eye in rather than fill the figure with large areas of red; plenty of other figures to do that on. 

Will post some pics of the finished bases when ready and now looking at stand or two as the army lists allow it and the figures are already primed. 

Hope that this was of interest.

Cheers for now. 


Jonathan Freitag said...

Rebasing is like getting a whole new army without all of the painting effort.

Saxondog said...

Looking forward to seeing the rebased army. Great to see you giving them a new purpose.

Pat Smith Silver Whistle Blog. said...

Hard work re-basing but so worth it.

roma912 said...

Thanks all, you have given me a new way of looking to rebasing and I'll use this as motivation to keep going with this.

Cheers, Ross