Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Back to the Brushes 326

The next batch of painted Moorish archers are below; figures from Gripping Beast's Moors range. 

The brighter colours used here are to reflect an Andalusian influence whilst the stark contrast below with the black for more of a Moorish feel. Both are purely artistic licence 

A versatile range of figures that will see use in both SAGA: Age of Crusades and Lion Rampant and possibly a few other skirmish styled games as well. 

This takes the tally this month so far to:

6 x 28mm Infantry

Still a fair bit to go but there is a lot in the side lines at present. 

Hope that you found this interesting. 

Cheers for now. 


Jonathan Freitag said...

What is the headgear that the brightly colored trio is wearing?

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work, I've got quite a few of these luvvly figures myself. Last time I used them was a battle in Tangier in 1682, so like you said, very versatile.

roma912 said...

Hi Jonathan,

I have no idea to be honest so painted them as if they where felt hats. Sort if felt the right thing to do.

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Thanks Ray, thats pushing the versatility to the max, good shout!

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...
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