Sunday, 28 June 2020

Fantasy Hero 22

Started a few years back after a conversation at Claymore by the Dixon Miniatures stand these Ninja are finally complete and can join the rest of their clan. 

The trouble with these figures is there is not a lot to paint.  You would think that all black is the easiest colour scheme to paint, however, aside with achieving a good tonal representation of black; it is the little details that really make these figures work. 

Without adding in really mad colours to lift the black hopefully the small details on bags, ropes and weapons will provide enough to highlight that there is more to painting black than actually painting black. 

Hope that was of interest to you and there will be more completed figures in the near future. 

Cheers for now


DeanM said...

More nice work, Ross you're certainly pumping out a lot of great

roma912 said...

Thanks Dean, tidying up some unfinished figures.

Cheers, Ross