Saturday, 4 August 2018

#30days30miniatures painting challenge - summing up

Thirty days have come and gone and the painting challenge has been a great motivation to complete a good number of figures that have been gathering dust on the painting table.

Overall, the total number of figures completed came in at 55 broken down as follows:

6mm -  20 cavalry

15mm - 21 foot

28mm - 14 foot

The 6mm figures were all started and completed during the challenge. The 15mm was a mixture of part painted and unpainted figures and all of the 28mm figures had previously been started.

Here is the painting desk at the start, midway and at the finish.

Then past half way

At the finish line

This last picture shows all the painted figures together in a group shot. More detailed pictures will follow on themed posts shortly. 

The main motivator in this challenge has been to clear some figures from the painting table. However, as you can see there are still many more figures to complete; so what next? Well continue the 30days30miniatures painting challenge this time however there will be both a theme and a personal challenge. This is one in the same thing here as the challenge this time will be to complete - not necessarily base - 30 pieces of cavalry in various scales. The reason why? I dread painting horses and yet when finished they are so rewarding. 

So take up your brushes, pick a theme and paint 30 figures in 30 days! You know that you want to.

Cheers for now


Dont press the red button said...

Well done.

I had not heard of this little challenge before, if I get the time I need to engage myself in this.

The painting desk has many half started mini's on it deserving to be finished.

roma912 said...

Hi Russ,

Going to be doing another one myself in a couple of days, your welcome to join in.

Simple rules any figure any scale started or not is good to be included. Basing optional.

I am going for a theme this time other than that the only other rules are to paint and enjoy yourself 😃

Cheers, Ross

DeanM said...

Inspiring work, Ross! I love the variation of your on-going projects. Makes me think it is "okay" to take break from Napoleonics :)

roma912 said...

Variety is the spice of life, Dean.