Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Fantasy Hero 8

The title should really be Heroine as the figure below is an Elfess, if such a word exists, but that would be too much like work - only joking. This figure is from the Citadel Compendium 2 released back in 1984 and along with others from the C08 High Elves were and are some of my favourite miniatures from this period.

To be retaken as face out of focus.

A great figure to paint and after some deliberation opted to paint the chest piece as a metallic breast plate with both steel and gold. The red and gold has worked well on this figure and although it will be difficult to see on these pictures the metal areas have all been lightly gloss varnished as well to lift the over all finish of the figure.

The basing shows some new oak leave foliage that was bought recently for use with this range of figures - yes there will be more later this year - and the leaves really are oak leaf shaped.

Added a few extra layers of tone to the flesh on this figure as felt it needed more depth in the flesh areas and was looking for a paler overall skin tone. The Foundry Expert flesh range was used to achieve the finished colour.

The red on the tunic ended up more red than its original base colour which was more burgundy in tone. The change isn't a bad thing just something noticed during the painting. Base colour was GW's Mechrite Red Foundation Layer and the next three layers were Foundry's Bright Red A, B and C to highlight.

Overall, very pleased with the finished look of this miniature and glad the extra time was spent on her to achieve the look wanted. Hope that you enjoyed the pictures. 

Cheers for now. 


Phil said...

He looks nice, good job!

Hendrid said...

Thats a new figure on me this time. Very nicely done.