Monday, 12 February 2018

Fantasy Hero 7

A recently completed Citadel Orc from sometime a go - not really sure on the age of this one.

Opted for a more grey-green than some of the very bright greens that are often used with Orcs. The base colour is from Foundry's poorly received World War II range of colours and is Soviet Winter Green shades through A to C

Another member of the Black shields, this orc has a plastic shield from the late eighties with no decoration. Not sure on this and it may change in the future if a good alternative can be found.

Some previous victims of the over-sized chopper hide behind the plastic shield, one in slightly better condition than the other although both have seen better days.

As with previous figures from this range have used militaristic colours rather than some of the more flamboyant colour schemes that are often seen. It is a matter of personal preference nothing more.

Another single figure to follow shortly along with some work in progress.

Cheers for now

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