Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Back to the Brushes 120

The first session of painting for this year's Challenge went well last night. First up are two wagons from Warbases that received their base coat of Khemri Brown From Citadel's foundation paint.

These will be washed with Agrax earth and then progressively layered and dry brushed to give that aged and greyed effect that is seen on wood. Both are 28mm in scale and will be used in Dead Man's Hand or similar style skirmish games.

Next up are a SdKfz 223 and 221 both from Frontline in 20mm. These have had their base coat touched up with Vallejo Mid Stone, then washed with Nuln Oil and then dry brushed in the Mid Stone again.

Both still have more dry brushing to come as well as picking out the details and crew. Will probably opt for a painted camo on these at this stage as this looks rather interesting:

Unfortunately, with this resin kit there is no curtain rail provided so will have to live without it unless something comes together with some wire.

Hope to get back to both as soon as possible although time is getting tight due to a certain day just being 4 sleeps away.

Cheers for now

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Michael Awdry said...

Looking good for some points there.