Sunday, 11 December 2016

Back to the Brushes 118

With only nine days left before the start of this year's Analogue Painting Challenge, the final preparation work has been completed.

Shown here are a variety of different figures that will keep enough variety to complete the point level set and hopefully more.

First up are range of different figures including in black Citadel Orcs circa 1985, Critical Mass recom troopers in grey and finally Undead in well bone coloured undercoat.

Above shows another three different sets of figures.

First in chaos red under coat, Kaamados Dominion Aagamid Infantry platoon - there are another seven stands drying at present. Next are 11 20mm WWII British vehicles to flesh out the 11th Armoured Division support company. These are from Frontline Wargames. Lastly are the Caesarean Romans from Gripping Beast that will make up the bulk of a Basic Impetus army in 28mm, there are another 16 figures also drying for this range.

Above are Companions and Greek Heavy cavalry from Rapier Miniatures in 6mm and enough figures for two stands of phalanx.

The last picture below show the Curtgeld figure or in this case figures, from Gripping Beast's Early Saxon range - Penda the Last Saxon King. The main question here is do they get a black, grey or white undercoat? Lately have been moving away from black as finding it harder to see things. Guess its an age thing!

As you can see there are variety of different figures to choose from  and if things get boring there are plenty more prepped and undercoated figures to choose from in 28mm for Ancients and Dark Ages.

Cheers for now

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The Kiwi said...

A great stockpile to paint. cheers