Monday, 22 December 2014

Back to the Brushes 97

Some more work in progress pictures for the Painting Challenge. First up some more 20mm scale WW2 German vehicles with two smaller cats to add to the collection.

This time the colour scheme is going to be limited to the base colour with some touches here and there of a dark brown. The brown has to be knocked back yet by stippling the base colour on top before the final dry brushing takes place. These two Pumas will also be used in Disposable Heroes and Memoir '44 in the New Year and are from Frontline Wargaming.

Another transport for Disposable Heroes below which is a Sd Kfz 11 (3t). This will have similar camouflaging as the previous transport model which is now completed.

Next up are more New Israeli troops for Critical Mass. In the picture below two of the figures have been previously painted and will not be included in the tally for the challenge.

These are missile support bases and the bases below are standard troops which will make up a half company if needed. The figures again are all from Ground Zero Games and will be used as ARC forces when gamed with.

Lastly, there are some stands of Confederate Infantry for Fire and Fury. The figures are from Blue Moon's range and will also see use for Battle Cry in the future. Trying to keep the painting varied with this year's challenge so hence the variety of periods. There will be some Ancients coming in the New Year along with more of the same. Tucked up in the top centre is the finished objective marker and crew for Critical Mass which is now waiting on basing.

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