Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Back to the Brushes 96

Well after just over two months with only one singular post here are a few work in progress pictures of some of the first pieces for this years Analogue Painting Challenge. Below is an objective piece from  Critical Mass Games with crew from Ground Zero Games. A quick and easy approach to these 15mm scale figures should see a few finished over the next three months along with a dozen or so varied grav tanks to support the grunts.

Next is a very old Citadel Chaos Warrior from back in the day, another two of his brethen are waiting on being based after a good session at the brushes the other night. It is good to be back to painting after two months out.

Two javelin armed skirmishers from Gripping Beast to add to the Generic Arab army that was started earlier this year. Hopefully a few more stands will join the previously painted figures soon.

Next up are two pieces from Britannia Miniatures. A Jadgtiger and a transport of some type, the name escapes at present. To go with these there will be another ten or so armoured pieces including some cats and scout types as well. A great scale to paint in and look forward to completing these for use in Disposable Heroes and Memoir '44

Hopefully, there will be some more work in progress pictures to follow. The plan with the challenge this year is to keep every thing fresh by not sticking to the one period or scale. There may be a few changes along the way and perhaps some stuff to add to the mix of the challenge that is well under way all ready.

Sorry, by the way for the lousy pictures, very poor lighting the other morning and limited time resulting in quick snaps that aren't the best.

Thats all for now



Dont press the red button said...

Good to see you return to the blog.
I think the tractor unit is the sdkfz 9 18t famo, but I'm probably wrong.
Best of luck in the painting competition.

Tom said...

Good to see you post again.

Nice toys - I wonder what the range of the big gun is in Disposable Heroes.

And a side thought - I was visiting the Impetus Forum and saw a photo of some very familiar figures as the page header. Good to see your painting recognised that way.

roma912 said...

Thanks for the comments guys, Its good to be pack to posting.

Thanks for the AVF identification, I have a note of it somewhere just can't find it.

Seeing my Spartans as the header of the Impetus forum is a good thing, maybe they'll do better there than on the table.

In terms of range the 12.8cmL55 gun of the Jagdtiger has a range bracket of 60" in Disposable Heroes. Probably better to play on the floor than a table with that kind of range :) and it will shred Allied armour to boot.

Cheers, Ross