Thursday, 29 December 2016

Back to the Brushes 122

A few updates on progress for the AHPC VII

As the two German Armoured cars are now waiting on varnishing it's time to start on the Bren carriers for the British. There are eight Carriers, a Wasp and a Lloyd carrier here plus two jeeps. Being painted however not part of the challenge are a Sexton 25lb and a Sherman ARV; both of these have been loitering around the painting table for years now and it is time they were finished.

Some progress on the wagons and the prep is finished for the Curtgeld figures at the end of the row. Three figures and Two Painters will plot the progress on these as working in a team with RussG on this part of the challenge.

Lastly are the newly added rangers to the challenge with flesh underpainting complete and armour blocked in . Still struggling with poleyn being on the top right figure, however he is from the AD&D range that Citadel produced in the mid-eighties. There are another four ranger types that may get added to the mix depending on how well the AFV's go.

Cheers for now