Saturday, 3 December 2016

Back to the Brushes 117

Sometimes the colours that you think that will work well together just don't sit well. The juxtaposition is well just wrong. This is an example of this

The ochre for the cloak just doesn't sit well with all that polished steel. Any suggestions? Black - too obvious, blue might work, white  could be too clean and red, well that's been done before at some point in history.

Over to to you for your colour suggestions

Cheers for now


Phil said...

Great job!

Simon Jones said...

Dark green

Neil Scott said...

Try a mix of blue and purple

Robbie Rodiss said...

Try Foundry purple, or Tree Fellas very deep red which when highlighted with a flesh colour mix gives a really warm burgundy.

roma912 said...

Thought about bottle green for a while however purple is a seldom used colour here so I'll give it a go. Have the Foundry Triad sitting unopened as well.

Thanks for your input

Cheers, Ross