Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 in Paint and Games

Here is a brief resume of 2016:

This year managed to paint the following

6mm: 76 figures

15mm: 76 figures including 4 vehicles

20mm: -

28mm: 12 figures

Rebased - 147 15mm figures

Time and motivation have been issues throughout the year and I have noticed a preference for painting individual figures rather than working on units for armies. This is a reflection on the pressures against time and motivation as it better to have one figure waiting to be completed than a dozen.

The rebasing project in the early summer was completed quickly and without any major issues. All that remains now is to paint the remaining figures to complete the army for Battle Cry.

This year managed to game with the following:

Songs of Blades and Heroes - completed a six game campaign that started late 2015

Battle Cry - played a few games in late spring early summer

Spear and Sword - again played a few games in the first half of the year

Dragon Rampant - played three games towards the end of the year.

Again time has been an issue with gaming as it is not just a case of picking the phone and arranging a game. Sadly, real life takes over from time to time and as a result gaming loses out.

Hopefully, 2017 will be better in terms of gaming and painting and the AHPC VII will be a good starter for ten on that.

Cheers for now


Michael Awdry said...

A positive year and plenty to look forward to in 2017.

George Anderson said...

All the best for 2017.