Monday, 28 December 2015

Back to the Brushes 104

A quick couple of pictures of the first work started on the Basic Impetus Macedonians; shown here are bow armed skirmishers and prodromoi. Figures from Foundry and A & A Miniatures respectively.

The archers are from Foundry's original range of Greek and at present may end up as a two figure stand instead of three. Will see how they fit together when fully painted.

Early stages on both of these bases and already behind on the draft schedule created at the start of the challenge, also pictured below.

Sorry, no spreadsheet fu here, just plain old scribbles of a painter and gamers mind. Sort of a very rough plans within plans draft here.

That's all for now



Michael Awdry said...

I love the scribbles! I do something similar, but by this stage I've crossed through things and rescheduled others! Keep going and best of luck.

roma912 said...

HI Michael, I am sure the scribbles will change over the coming weeks as that is what is meant to happen with plans!

Cheers, Ross