Saturday, 19 December 2015

A beginning is a very delicate time.

Know then that it is the day before the 6th Analogue Painting Challenge begins and the preparatory work is complete. The brushes are primed and the painters are in the starting blocks. In the picture below lies the target for the next 3 months - a 28mm Basic Impetus Macedonian army.

The army comprises of the following:

15 cavalry figures - 1 x CP 6 Companions, 1 x CM 5 Thessalian and 1 x CL 4 Prodromoi
42 infantry figures - 2 x FP 12 phalangites, 1 x FL 8 hypaspists, 1 x FL 6 peltasts and  2 x  S 2  skirmishers.

The horses for the Companions are not shown here as they are still drying having been re-undercoated last night.

Now, nearly everything is starting off in the traditional black undercoat except that is a some of the peltasts that have been undercoated in a flesh base colour. Not sure how this will work out so will keep you posted on the results of this little experiment and the reasons why throughout the challenge.

In terms of points this lot will total 360 points if completed which is higher than the entry level posted for the challenge. Time will see how this fares.

Thats all for now



Michael Awdry said...

That's a good looking start and I wish you the very best of luck in the challenge.

roma912 said...

Thanks Michael.