Sunday, 31 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 7

After the Analogue Painting Challenge finished the impetus to paint has eased off. So to get started again a partially completed Jagdpanther from Britannia Miniatures has been completed. A great model that painted up easily and now waits for use alongside a few other pieces of German armour from this period.

This model has started a small project on its; finishing what is already started. So in the future there may be pictures in no particular order of the following:

  • Some Vikings from Gripping Beast for Impetus
  • Some Late Roman horse archers from Gripping Beast for Impetus
  • A Chariot and crew from Redoubt Miniatures for Impetus
  • A few pre-slotta Dwarves from Citadel for Songs of Blades and Heroes
  • Some more 15mm vehicles from Battlefront
  • A few Huns from Gripping Beast for Impetus
After all of these the intention is to take stock and work solely on a dedicated project until completion. This is a change of style in painting but something that has been considered for sometime lately. Too many half started projects are not seeing the end of the road and look unlikely to for a while unless some dedicated effort in put into them individual. When this stage is reach a small poll will be held to see what people would like to see, but more of that later.

Cheers for now 

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