Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back to the Brushes 14

Another Dwarf for Songs of Blades and Heroes was completed this morning before venturing out to an in-service training day. There are thankfully no pictures of the training day but here are a few of the dwarf.

These old Citadel figures are good to paint and still have character, in some ways more than that of their modern contemporaries. The next figures from this range will include some characterful swordsmen and crossbowmen. This will complete the basic warband though there will be plenty of opportunity and figures to make changes in the future.

Next up are some work in progress pictures of a Mycenaean spearman in full Dendra panoply and a few SHQ support weapon crewmen for Disposable Heroes.

The Mycenaean spearman unit for Impetus is moving along at a slow pace at present and the above figure is one of the more completed figures; which is by no means there yet.

The crew below are for an MG 42 and 120mm Mortar to add some extra punch to the platoon if needed.

To be fair the pictures don't really show that much, but the base colour for the smock has changed from the last group painted. This will hopefully not have the mauve hint on the finished figures.

Lastly, there are three very quick pictures of the Hirdmen being painted for SAGA as the first point of a four point warband. These are fairly old figures from Gripping Beast's Viking range and when compared to their more recent releases show how far they have progressed as a miniature company.vWhen completed these will hopefully be shown on the Analogue Hobbies competition blogspot.

Apologies for the pictures as these have been quickly taken under artificial lighting and are not the best.

Hopefully there will be better to follow later this week.

Cheers for now.

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Hendrid said...

You've certainly been busy. Great looking bunch of figures froma good mix of genre's, nice. I agree with you about the old citadel dwarfs having more character than the newer ones, just....nicer.